About us

The Indian National Youth Foundation herein after referred to as the INYF an independent body operating on a non-government organization basis and not aligning with any particular political party or religion.


Each and every person is equal and has every right to live in this world with dignity. There should be no room for any discrimination whether it is in the form of gender, caste, religion or region.


To work for deprived people for their upliftment and betterment with special emphasis on children and women and to provide them with livelihood opportunities and bring them into the mainstream of society. To educate and motivate the people, sensitize policy makers and functionaries and promote activities and programs of the Indian Government and UN.

Core Values

INYF’s core values define our culture, beliefs, principles and practices in the conduct of our operations and dealing with our stakeholders. Our vision, mission and goals are aligned with our value system. These values are influenced by the individual values and beliefs carried by the founders, management, employees and volunteers of the organisation.

The Organisation and its Members shall operate and abide by the following core values:

Mutual Respect Requiring them to recognise the innate worth of all people and the value of diversity.

Equity And Justice Requiring them to work to ensure equal opportunity for everyone, irrespective of race, age, gender, sexual orientation, HIV status, colour, class, ethnicity, disability, location or religion.

Honesty And Transparency­ Being accountable at all levels for the effectiveness of their actions and open in their judgements and communications with others.

Proactive– We are here because of the challenges that persist in society. Instead of waiting for good to miraculously happen, we are and will continue to proactively take initiatives.

Nurture– We believe our role is to nurture the skills, talents & values in our stakeholders – children and volunteers; to develop the leadership potential in them and to help build a better future for our nation.

Empathy– We take an empathetic view in addressing the needs of our society. We encourage our volunteers and children to develop empathy and other essential qualities of humanity such as respect for all.

Inspire– Our passion and commitment to the cause we work for and associate with, not only drives us but inspires society at large to create the change we envision.

Volunteerism – We promote volunteerism as a way of life among the people of this nation and help in channelizing their energy and potential towards the cause.

Team Work – We believe that team work will help us achieve the best possible outcomes and overcome challenges effectively. This includes developing mutual trust, working in harmony, providing constructive feedback towards individual and team development.

Continuous Improvement – By constant learning, creativity, innovation and feedback, we believe a culture of continuous improvement will help in creating a bigger impact.

Ethical – We stand on the foundations of an ethical environment guided by equality, integrity, trust and transparency.

Eco-Conscious – Our conscious efforts in creating awareness on environmental protection and preservation through community action.

If you say you’re going to do something, do it. If you start something, finish it. .(~ Epictetus)
A commitment to who we are, what we believe in, and what we set out to do; is the foundation of this organisation. We are accountable to ourselves, to our supporters, to the organisations we work with and to their beneficiaries. Only through transparency and consistency, will we be able to do impactful work in education.

Alone we can do so little. Together we can do so much. (~Helen Keller)
INYF believes in the power of collaboration and idea sharing. An open and supportive work environment has enabled us to establish long lasting relationships within and outside the organisation. It is only through working together, that we as education organisations can multiply our impact and bring about real education reform. 

Excellence is never an accident. (~Aristotle)
At INYF, we like to get it right and then get better at it. We understand that this can only be achieved through a commitment to learning and continuous improvement. We set the highest standards for ourselves and the people we work with, to ensure the best quality of work.

Strength lies in differences not in similarities. (~Stephen Covey)
We believe in diversity, being open to varied perspectives and making the most of our differences. Through bringing together individuals from and with different backgrounds, experience and skills, we can create the best possible solutions for the challenges faced by INYF and its portfolio.