INYF’ Youth Festival

Indian National Youth Foundation INYF’ Youth Festival


The festival of youth’s art

  • The youth of Lucknow glow with an energy that makes our city shine with talent, inspiration and culture. The INYS’ Amplify Youth Festival will showcase these amazing youth as they express their passion for any and all forms of art and culture.


  • The theme of the festival is Dare to Be You and we want to highlight the main reason for this festival: for people to not only express their passions, but be brave enough to showcase them and to grow as a person. So get amped and ready for this outstanding opportunity! We will see you all October 17th and 18th at the INYF’ Amplify Youth Festival.

Our Aims

  • To provide opportunities for talented young performers and artists from all over the city to work and perform together in a stimulating international environment.


  • To offer the widest possible access for local young people to performances and workshops that introduce them to different cultures and art forms.


  • To present and encourage the development of artistic work by young people locally, nationally and internationally aiming for high levels of excellence. To be a platform for innovation and experimentation by young performing artists.


  • To work in partnership locally, nationally and internationally sharing and making full use of resources available to support initiatives that have clear and lasting impacts on the people of the city Lucknow and most especially the young people of this area.


  • The Indian National Youth Foundation wants to empower its young residents though a new and vibrant arts and culture festival that will make a significant and meaningful contribution to the development of youth. Our focus is on the arts simply because study after study has shown that young adults who participate in art programs do better in everything from reading to math—it increases their confidence, interpersonal skills, and problem solving skills and leads to the development of civic values, leadership, and active citizenship.


  • Featuring hands-on workshops and programmed performing spaces, Amplify will provide youth the time, space, and guidance to delve into song writing, metal working, photography, improve, filmmaking and more.


Amplify your life this fall at the Amplify Youth Festival. Like no other festival in the area, Amplify will be packed with workshops, youth art and concerts, meaning you will not want to be anywhere else.

Who: For Youth and National Students
What: An arts and culture festival for youth
Why:  Because we want to see you create art and pursue your passion. We want to help you discover new interests and new talents. We want to celebrate the energy, ideas and creativity of youth.


Guided by a Youth Festival Advisory Committee—a council of volunteers aged 15 to 20 —the festival will ensure the programming connects with and engages today’s young artists. Forming the committee was an important first step as we head towards the inaugural festival and the City of Lucknow is proud of the work they’ve done to make Amplify a reality; including, naming the festival, choosing a logo and conceiving the theme for the 2015 Festival: Dare To Be You. A challenge to all youth as we head towards Amplify.

Local organizations are invited to get involved and consider partnering with Amplify. The festival will provide Lucknow’s business community with various sponsorship opportunities and the chance to support the education and creativity of the next generation of leaders.

While this festival will be completely fresh and new. 


·         Empower young artists

·         Support all youth in expressing their creativity

·         Celebrate youth culture

·         And showcase the richness and diversity of a new generation