Our Main Program is Food and Clothing Distribution

1. Sponsor Meals for Destitute Elders

In all busy, public places like railway stations you will find them –very old and destitute people begging or simply wandering around. Have you spared a thought as to how they survive how do they get food and shelter for the cold nights? Most sleep in pavements and survive on alms, neglected by their family. 
If a poor and destitute old person is provided at least one wholesome meal in a day, she has a chance to face the challenges of her hard life. Under this program, with our limited resources, we provide nutritious midday meals to 30 poor old people from slums in Lucknow.

1.1 How Can You Help?

• A donation of only Rs. 1300  will provide nutritious and hot meal to 30 Elders.
• You may choose to sponsor mid-day meals for one month, or any amount you desire.
• You can donate clothes, blankets, toiletries, sweaters for distribution
• You can donate food material like rice, dal, vegetables
• Donate meals to poor elderly people on behalf of someone, birthday gift, on the occasion of wedding anniversary, ceremony of some one.
• Donate Food for One Elderly Person for One Month is Rs.1500 

1.2 Cost Break-up for 1 Nutritious Hot Meal for 30 Destitute Elders:

S.No                                              Purpose of Donation for 30 Elderly Persons                                         Amount (In Indian Rupee)

1 –                                                        4.5 Kgs of Sona Masoori Rice  -Rs.50                                                                225

2 –                                                        1.5 Kg of Dhal – Rs.80                                                                                           120

3 –                                                       1 Kg of Cooking Oil – Rs.85                                                                                    85

4-                                                         Leafy Vegetables, Tomato, Brinjal, Potato, Carrot, etc                                    120

5 –                                                        Onions, Species, Ingredients – Lumpsum                                                         180

6 –                                                       Appropriate Cost for Cooking Gas                                                                       100

7 –                                                       Curd / Butter Milk – Rs.5 x 30                                                                                 150

8 –                                                       Fruits / Sweet                                                                                                             200

9 –                                                     Appropriate Cost of Cook – Rs.120                                                                          120

                                                                                 Total Amount                                                                                 1300(INR)

Your Donations are very useful to feed hungry destitute elderly people. Rs.1300 can feed one meals to 30 starving elders. You can donate any number of meals for hungry old age persons.

2.   Distribution of Educational Material to poor students.

·         Many students in our service area are dropping out of school before graduation, since their parents cannot to afford to provide uniform, text books, school bag and such other items. Their parents are mainly working in shops & establishments, market yards, hotels or work as auto drivers, rickshaw pullers, vegetable vendors, or domestic help. We motivate their parents through counselling sessions to send their children to school.

·         INYF has been providing educational material to these poor children who attend Government Schools. We provide educational material consisting of text books, notebooks, geometry box, pencils, pens, and school uniforms, clothes, shoes, school bag, lunch box. We select the candidates by personal visits to their homes to assess the family background. We also take inputs from the school head masters to select the students who are doing well in studies. So we will provide our support to students studying in classes from 5th to 10th standard.

·         There is pressing need to help more poor and needy students for continuing their education. You can donate for educational material for these deserving children, and thereby ensure that they do not drop out of school.

Purpose of Donation /                                                       Break-up cost in INR                                                         Amount in INR to 
 Educational Material Items                                                                                                                                         sponser a child

School Uniforms                                                             500 x 2 pairs                                                        1000

Foot Wear                                                                        300 x 1 pair                                                            300

Long Note Books for All Subjects                                25 x 6                                                                     150

School Bag                                                                       300 x 1 bag                                                            300

Geometry Box with Pens, Pencils, Sharpeners, 
Erasers, Colour Pencils, Crayons                                   300 Lumpsum                                                     300

English Dictionary                                                             250                                                                        250

Workbooks for practice and Charts                               90 x 6                                                                    540

                                                                                            TOTAL                                                                 2840 (INR)

3. Sponsor a child for education by sponsoring school and tuition fees.

Quality of education in Government and Municipal Schools is poor and deprives students of good career opportunities. Bright children from low income families aspire to a better education and life and wish to join private schools of higher standard. IYF has been sponsoring selected children with school fee & tuition fees. 

S.NO            Purpose of donation        Monthly donation amount                               For 12 month donation amount  
                                                                     – one child sponsorship                                  – one child sponsorship

1                         School Fee                                     500                                                                          6000

2                        Tuition fee                                       300                                                                          3600

3.                           Total                                         Rs.800                                                                   Rs.9600

4. Computer Literacy Program

This world is becoming more and more depended on the use of computer. So learning computer use is more valued than usual education in India. To make the India stronger INYF has a special Computer Education Program (CEP), where volunteer can help students to get inner knowledge of computer basic and advanced uses. Interested people can join this program to teach computer related theoretical and practical knowledge to those communities where IT and Computer teachers are not available. But having computer skill is greatly preferred in every aspect of professional world. Keeping this importance in mind CEP is organized to provide computer education to the children, youth and adults in newly started IT centers. Volunteers can teach any of the topics he/she is good at like Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Paint, Photoshop, Page Maker, internet usage, and website development and so on.

You have to teach the students on the basis of their condition so that they can learn it properly. You can also plan to provide some theoretical knowledge, some practical uses & maintenance of computer and you can also provide some educational materials to the students for more information. It’s up to you how you want to conduct your educational activity to make the program fruitful. Hope you will be one of the builders of Computerized India.

Donations are exempted from tax under 80G of the Income Tax Act of the Government of India. We acknowledge all donations through email with a tax exemption receipt and also we will send the feedback report on the money utilization for the specific cause in due course of time.