In INYF, we believe that each individual can contribute and support in building a better and secure society. Your time and initiative is deeply valued and appreciated by us. There are number of initiatives, campaigns, events and projects of INYF, within our health, education, livelihood and disaster preparedness and response Programmes, and your voluntary support to us is highly welcome by us.



The Volunteer Programme with INYF is thronged as a dedicated service of minimum one month to maximum six months. We believe that to work for social change you need to contribute a substantial amount of time to understand the needs and cater in the best possible way with your unique skill set. If you want to volunteer for events and campaigns, the time is minimum one day and maximum a week.

The volunteer opportunities arise across our projects and programmes spread across Uttar Pradesh, state of India in the field of Health, Education, Livelihoods and during Disaster response, and also at the time of any emergency and during our events and campaigns.

For voluntary work, please note the following points:

  • Your CV should reach us at info@inyf.in with the subject line volunteer and your area of interest like education, health, livelihood, disaster rooster or events & campaigns.
  • Your skill set should match the desired area of interest of application.
  • While applying, please specify clearly the time you would like to dedicate, your area of interest or any other information that you would like to share.
  • For emergency roster enrollment, a letter of no objection supported with your family’s signature should be sent to us,
  • For any voluntary support, INYF covers expenses and as per the grade of work awards appropriate remuneration.

We actively seek volunteers, who would be able to help us in our project work, organize events, help raise funds, support in campaigns and participate during the emergency relief work.

Current volunteer openings

Presently, we do not have any volunteer opportunities with us. Please watch this space for further notice, or fill in the form provided in this page. Our representative will revert back to you, in case of any openings. Thank you.

You can also look for our announcement section on home page, internship section and power to empower page to explore any other interest areas.