Youth Leadership Council

Indian National Youth Foundation Youth Leadership Council

Youth Leadership Council

We’re committed to raising youth voices and ensuring that young people inform our work. Our Youth Leadership Council is commissioned to articulate and advance the needs of youth peers, and to serve as advisers to INYF.


India is home to the youngest population in the world, India has more than 50% of its population below the age of 25 and more than 65% below the age of 35 these young men and women have the potential to drive significant change and promote the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). However, they are faced with several challenges that make it difficult for them to become change-makers without the proper resources and support. Despite widespread stereotypes about unmotivated and unskilled youth in the region, it has been demonstrated that they tend to be “better educated and more connected to global knowledge relative to older ages.” This indicates that it is not the lack of skills, but rather of available opportunities, that prevents them from becoming change-makers in their communities.

Youth Leadership Council

  • Youth Leadership Council (YLC) is a solid, positive step to foster youth inclusion in India. The recently released UN Youth Strategy (2018-2021) has prioritized promoting the civic and political engagement of youth, noting that the UN must leverage its capacity in order to promote youth participation in public affairs at all levels. Young change-makers are identified and supported in this program and closer collaboration is fostered among the government, civil society, and private sector through this initiative.


  • Youth Leadership Council formed to serve the unique need of focusing youth energies on positive activities, leading to increased self-efficacy and the development of skills relevant to success in adulthood and the workplace such as decision-making and working well with others.


  • Youth leadership programs are important because not only do they channel youth energy in a positive way, but also it prepares the next generation of leadership in the workforce and in communities. Youth leadership programs provide youth with the skills necessary to guide others, influence opinions and policy, and become as role models for their peers and younger generations.


  • Youth Leadership programs equip youth with tools like time management, teamwork, goal setting, conversation skills, and public speaking.


  • Youth development programming yields positive outcomes in youth, including decreases in negative behaviours (such as alcohol and tobacco use and violence) and increases in positive attitudes and behaviours (such as motivation, academic performance, self-esteem, problem-solving, positive health decisions, and interpersonal skills).


  • Outcomes for youth participating in leadership development programming are increased self-efficacy and the development of skills relevant to success in adulthood and the workplace such as decision-making and working well with others. Building self-advocacy and self-determination skills, an important aspect of leadership development for youth with disabilities, correlates with making a successful transition to adulthood.

  • Develop leadership and communication skills.
  • Meet other young leaders from the neighbour.
  • Provide a unique perspective and discuss issues facing the community.
  • Increase awareness of local community programs and non-profits.
  • Volunteer and earn community service hours.
  • Preparing and giving speeches.
  • Giving impromptu talks.
  • Controlling their voice, vocabulary and gestures.
  • Giving constructive feedback and more.
  • Advocating for mental health support and resources.
  • Influencing citywide environmental sustainability awareness initiatives.
  • Encouraging nutritious diets and healthy lifestyles.
  • Connecting youth to digital resources for research and advocacy.
  • Using art as a tool for social action.
  • And more!


Complete and submit the online application that includes five short essay questions by September 16th, 2020.  The program is available to all students and youths.

Responses to each question should be no longer than 250 words but a minimum of 100 words. Essay questions include:

    • What is it about the Youth Leadership Council that prompted you to apply?
    • How do you hope to grow from your participation in the Youth Leadership Council?
    • What strengths do you have that will contribute to the Youth Leadership Council?
    • Describe something you appreciate about yourself and something you would like to change about yourself.
    • Name two things you are most proud of? Why?
    • The selected students will be notified by September19th, 2020.