Zaroorat-A Need

"Because your old stuff can be someone's new gift"

How does it works


Zaroorat – A Need is a united sustainable effort that works through your valuable contributions. The collection, sorting, sewing, packaging, repairing of electronic products, transportation and distribution of clothes and other things are done with a proper planning, management and execution. We have several dedicated teams who look after different phases of work.


Zaroorat – A Need works on a premise that one man’s waste can be another man’s richness. It is not only possible, but realistically doable. Zaroorat – A Need project does not wait for disasters to strike. It’s a bank that makes a difference along with promoting child education as it does not deal in money, but in old household stuff as Clothes, Toys, Books, Stationary etc. and other lots of basic needs durable goods, one of the basic human needs after food and shelter.


The main objective of Zaroorat – A Need is to provide the necessity things to millions of poor and needy people facing great hardship and health risk due to lack of proper clothing and other basic things in far flung areas, urban slums of the country and promote child education in underprivileged class of society. We work towards nullifying the misbalance caused by us, our society, and people; and urge the “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Realize” mentality in living our daily lives here on our beautiful planet Earth.

What and where you can donate


You can donate almost everything like books, stationary, clothes, utensils, electrical appliances (Mobile, computer), bed sheets, toys, blankets, shoes, sporting goods. Anything in good condition that you don’t use anymore might help someone in need. These items will be sorted, repaired, sewed, packaged, transported and distributed to the rural areas & urban slums throughout India.

We organize old stuff collection drive in corporate houses, residential housing societies, shopping malls, Cinema halls, schools, colleges and such other places, so feel free to write us on or visit our office.

  • We are setting up 10+ old stuff collection boxes/ centers’ across Lucknow in different places as residential housing societies, shopping centers, malls, corporate parks, Schools, colleges  and industrial areas in first phase.
  • For now we are providing home pick up service for the same across Lucknow.

Kindly donate us generously so we can continue our services for welfare of humanity and Mother Nature. You can donate a collection box and help us to setup in your locality or housing society. Be a volunteer, coordinator in your locality, housing society, shopping mall, office, corporate park, School, college and industrial area or you want to help in any other way.

Feel free to write us on

Cloth Bank

  • These days, people spend a lot of their income on cloths. They are ready to pay a large portion of their income on newly designed cloths and fabrics. Many high and medium income groups are found buying cloths as soon as they arrive in market.  As a result, heap of cloths are being collected causing problem of storage and management. There are people, who do not put on the same clothes for more than once. There are people having too many cloths, causing them problem to store also they cannot throw them away. If they give such once used cloths to other people, many people having no clothes to wear would be benefitted greatly. However, in our cultural context, people desiring to donate cloths have fear that if the recipient of such cloths would feel humiliated. Such cultural psychological challenges have hindered reuse of such once used but usable cloths by the needy ones.
  • Then there is a question. Is there no solution of such problem? Yes there is solution. And the solution is Cloth Bank.
  • Cloth Bank provides a common forum to all the generous people to donate their once used cloths (but the generous people may donate new or never used cloths too). When a sufficient quantity of cloths is collected, we manage its distribution to the needy people. Giving something free of cost is really a very hard work. So there may be chance of giving away very old and tattered clothes. We also urges to people to make donation only such cloths which are in usable condition. So people must be conscious before making donation if the buttons and zips of the shirts and trousers are intact or not, if such cloths have been washed or not respecting the dignity of the recipient. We collects once used or never used cloths in different ways and they are stored in office. They are separated according to the size and types of clothes so that they can be sent to the needy place easily.
  • Cloth bank aims to become a bridge to link those people having problems to manage storage of big heaps of cloths and those having no cloth to wear even at the time of frosty winter.
  • We also believe that if needy people are provided with cloths donated from generous people, those needy people may use their money allocated for cloths in the education and health of their children. As a result our society would have more educated and healthy people too.
  • By providing forum for reuse of clothes, Cloth Bank is also extending its support towards the campaign of environmental protection. When once used cloths are used again, it is hoped that there will be reduction of cloths production. When there is reduction in cloths production, there is reduction of use of energy. Less use of energy means, less global warming and less global warming means deceleration of climate change.
  • The Cloth Bank can be taken as one of the means of preparedness for disaster to happen at any time. If there are natural disasters like earthquake, floods, land slide, etc., at that time, Cloth Bank may function as a store house of cloths for disaster affected people.

What kind of cloths we accept?

  • Cloths should not have any damages.
  • We do accept new clothes as well.

Do you have cloths to donate ? If yes, contact us at +91-7565007448 or email us at or directly visit our office.